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We increase your LinkedIn sales opportunities by 45%

MarketingCX is the leading B2B marketing solutions provider.

We take over the time-consuming tasks such as:


profile optimisation


defining and searching for ideal clients


connection, qualification and growth


message script development




social engagement


community building


responding to messages


publishing highly engaging content

Leaving your sales team to do what they do best…


Are you frustrated with your LinkedIn results? Sometimes all you need is a helping hand that will answer that one burning question to get the results you are aiming at. Or maybe you have done LinkedIn training and find the application of what you learned difficult or maybe you just do not have the budget to invest in finding solutions? Many of our clients have been there and experienced challenges like:

Our clients face some common problems in business

Cash flow issues

There’s not enough cash in the business to pay all the bills, including a decent wage for yourself, and although you know extra staff would be a huge aid, you can’t afford them because the cash churn simply isn’t there. You need more income and more predictable income.

Time constraints

You’re an entrepreneur who dislikes delegation, or you’re on the cusp of outsourcing aspects of the business but still frustratingly short on time to even plan that effectively. Although you know full well that marketing and sales need to lead you forward, everything else takes up so much time that those functions always lag, limiting income.

Departmental (resource) constraints

You’re heading up a department that is just short enough on systems, tools, or even human resources to make sense of your online efforts. You are there, but it’s all a mess and you have no way of knowing with any certainty what is filling your sales funnel and what isn’t. You know it could be optimised, but you’re limping along under-resourced.

Skill deficits

You’re attracted to certain aspects of the business, but online marketing and ‘social selling’ are terms with little or no meaning for you. You enjoy focusing on the core business functions, and although you know the whole world is ‘online’ and you do have a presence there, it doesn’t grab you to learn the skills necessary to become a pro digital marketer. Your efforts to date have only hampered cash flow and given zero returns in terms of sales and actual cash in hand.

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Our LinkedIn Webinar Workshops are designed to be your e-learning platform. But if you have problems in implementing and applying what we teach or you just do not get the desired LinkedIn results, our LinkedInBuddy sessions will assist. During our LinkedInBuddy Sessions we will address your burning question where everyone attending can learn more.

Customer Experience-Focused Marketing Services

Ever heard that sales come from relationships and not from selling? This is where we build them, for you, for good. We organise your LinkedIn – really organise it, and work it – and our clients see an average of 45% in increased sales opportunities.

If we were a tech stock, we’d be a unicorn. That’s ROI no exchange will give you. Among a host of valuable services, MarketingCX offers four principal services to our clients.

LinkedIn Done For You


Let us take over as a fully outsourced function with our LinkedIn Done For You service. We put massive research into your business model and business niche, consult extensively with you around the data we’ll need, and map it all out with relevant topics, keywords, hashtags, a content planner and calendar, and present you as a business prospect with credibility, value, and authority. Our clients pay us because our service undeniably pays them.

LinkedIn Done With You


Perhaps our service tugs at your heartstrings, and you can completely agree that your presence on the platform hasn’t been stellar in terms of what it’s paid you for your efforts. Still, you have the time and inclination to manage that part of your online presence. Then our consultative service is your ideal solution. We’ll set up LinkedIn for you, we’ll show you exactly what we do and what to do, and you do the actual posting and monitoring.

LinkedIn Content Done For You


Content is set to become a defining factor in online business. You’ve come across articles, videos and even ebooks that have proven worthwhile, edifying, and memorable, and you know what impressions they leave. Even with the best SEO in the world, it all comes back to content. Content is what will inspire people to do business with you – valid, quality, engaging content, content that propels your voice across your industry.

Quick Wins


Perhaps you’re struggling with only certain aspects of your LinkedIn presence, or other aspects of online marketing and sales? Perhaps you need an audit, a profile or page makeover, sales funnel installation or help with messaging. You might even need malleable virtual assistance or would value intermittent but planned content that supplements your existing posting. Our Quick Wins Services offer is tailored to your needs with a pegged price that suits your pocket too.

See what our amazing clients have to say

“I can highly recommend Tilly Davies to anyone who requires support in their small business, as her wealth and experience adds tremendous value in the shape of a consultative partner who helps you achieve your growth goals through her lead generating systems. Tilly is easy to work with, and always lives up to her promises.”

Eberhard Niklaus

Tilly’s insights to the world of social media marketing is extraordinary. Social media is continually evolving and website owners and businesses do not have the time to stay on top of all these developments. You don’t have to waste any further time and social media marketing – take her advice – like me you will not regret it!

Carl Meyer

Tilly Davies has been doing work for both me and Gateways since 2015. She assisted with the refinement of our corporate digital communications, and developed web, twitter and LinkedIn formats for our marketing. We were impressed by her knowledge of the field, her general professionalism and the ease of working with her. The highest compliment I can pay Tilly was to recommended her to my wife for her professional digital communications and marketing. Gateways has worked with other agencies over the years but all agree that Tilly was the best we had used.

Ian Mann

Thank you for all the amazing work you have done to help the businesses around you

Su-Mari du Bruyn

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