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3 Big Mistakes you make on LinkedIn

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Stop collecting connections and start building relationships.

If you are part of my community, you know that as a B2B online marketer, I support LinkedIn because it is the only social media platform created for business promotion.

It is also the biggest Lead Database available to any business and easy to pro-actively build your brand. Unfortunately, few business owners and keen marketers take the time and effort to really understand the powerful addition of LinkedIn as a marketing tool can be for their business.

Maybe because most of us were introduced to social media via Facebook, do some LinkedIn users have the attitude of posting ‘salesy’ content message waiting for this ‘LinkedIn Hype’ to hold true.

Well if that is you on LinkedIn, I bet you got exactly what aimed for, Nothing!

LinkedIn as a social media platform, a marketing tool, requires you to pro-actively find, connect, engage and build relationships with LinkedIn users. In the offline world, this activity is simply called – Prospecting!

The daily prospecting process on LinkedIn includes finding your ideal prospect, then connect with them for purposes of creating offline conversations.

Maybe because it is online, so many people want to take shortcuts which result in these major 3 BIG mistakes that can ultimately destroy your brand:-

1.      Sending a sales pitch immediately after connecting. Think about it in this way, will you walk into any business networking session, like a business chamber meeting, and start selling. I think not normally we do understand the value of proper introductions.

2.      Never moving the conversation offline. It is like asking for the order, wait until your prospect has enough information and then ask for a phone call or even just an online meeting is where LinkedIn efforts start producing the rewards for time well-spent.

3.      No follow up after connection. This one is big. Etiquette and being courteous on social media are a favourite topic of mine. Not replying to someone when addressed in the offline world is simply called ‘being ignored’ and does not say much about you as a person or an ambassador of your brand.

This takes time! Of course, it does.

Our Lead2Profit LinkedIn service starts with a Virtual Assistant Service.

One of my clients reported having saved 4 hours per day and managed to stay focused on offline prospecting and sales activities with the leads he received daily from us.

The best investment you can make in your business is to outsource your LinkedIn prospecting activities and focus on growing your business.

Learn more about our LinkedIn Virtual Assistant, Relationship Builder or Lead Generator service here:

Or contact me at

Stop collecting connections and start building relationships.

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