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3 Cornerstones of Online Marketing!

I predict that the successful business of 2016 will be the business that masters the discipline of online marketing.

Much has been said about online marketing over the last couple of years and there are still companies that feel it is a total a waste of time. Getting leads and making sales easier online is the normal expectation but few companies can report that they achieve their online sales goals. In fact many companies spend hours online with no or very little return on their time investment.

Online marketing is a discipline and in simplicity consists of three major cornerstones:

  1. Content
  2. Traffic
  3. Sales

These 3 cornerstones are a consistent daily focused business activity. Now even though I am simplifying the entire process it does provide a clear guideline to a road of online marketing success.

You need to create content daily and publish it on various online platforms including websites and social media channels. But it will not be found quickly and have an impact unless you drive traffic to that specific content. Relying solely on SEO (search engine optimization) or your social media community, especially if you are in the beginning phase of your online marketing journey, will render poor results. You need tell your social media community that you created the content and ask them to assist you in liking, sharing and commenting the content. You can offer to return the favor for their assistance. Lastly once you created content and enjoyed a vast number of eyeballs viewing your content you now need a clearly defined online sales process to ensure that leads do not fall through the cracks.

Like all business strategies, processes and procedures if you start small in a manner that is manageable and measurable success is sure to follow.

In my next articles I will detail each of these cornerstones and explain why some businesses still report poor online marketing results even when including these cornerstones in their online marketing activities.

Now please do me a favor and challenge me on my views, detailed herein, by liking, commenting and sharing. We all need content engagement for online marketing success and there is no better way than to lead by example. If you like, share and comment often, others will feel obliged to do the same for you!