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3 Layers of Online Marketing

That ‘AHA Moment’! Have you ever read an article that really excited you? It was as if, at that moment, everything just made sense. You found the answer, the clarity you were searching for.

But when you, eagerly I might add, start to implement your new found wisdom you realize that there is a missing component. The actual ‘How’! Your ‘AHA Moment’ consisted of a bunch of theory but the practical implementation is sadly missing.

In a previous article “3 Cornerstones of Online Marketing” I detailed the theory of online marketing. What the cornerstones of online marketing are but it was by no means a practical guideline of HOW it actually works.

The best way to explain the nuts and bolts of online marketing, the day to day activities, will be to detail the three layers i.e. the outer layer, the middle layer and the inner layer.

  1. The outer layer (The Traffic Cornerstone) is the traffic inward towards the middle layer. It consists of all the Social Media and SEO actions you need to take daily.
  2. The middle layer (The Content Cornerstone) is your content, adding value to your visior. Educating and informing on the topic and not your business! The more value you add the more likely your visitor will move on towards the inner layer.
  3. The inner layer (The Sales Cornerstone) is the sales activities and in the online world mainly where Email Marketing will fit into.

In some way this is really over simplified but if you keep it structured it becomes far less daunting and confusing. Ultimately the results follow.

These 2 articles detail online marketing from your, the business, perspective. What it is and how it works. What is more important is to move towards the customer and understand their journey in the online world towards purchasing what they need and want.

In my following articles I will detail a view from the customer perspective and elaborate much more on the building blocks of the cornerstones and how the customer will fit into these.

Challenge me, tax me and leave a comment. (Comments are content too!)