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5 LinkedIn Posts Examples for Engagement

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Content is the universal language of the online world and especially LinkedIn. It is the way we express ourselves and share our expertise without the spoken word
Interesting though, if done correctly you will create not only a voice and tone for your personal and business brand but more so you will create a personality, an identity for you business.
Here are our top 5 LinkedIn Post updates for September, all focused on educating and providing information. Notice how they are written without fluff and getting to the point quickly.
Because the audience in LinkedIn are professional people with limited time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to be too personal and ‘chatty’. There is room for those once you have an audience that can’t wait for your very next post update.
First focus on building rapport!

1. Build relationships through engaging and interacting.

Social selling is about creating relationships and this can only be done by becoming involved with your network:

– Engage in conversation and create relationships with new connections.

– Check your notifications and explore opportunities for interaction.

– Look at who is viewing your profile and get in touch with possible connections.

– Guarantee that all subsequent communications are “all about them”.

2. Create authority and reputation through successful content.

To position yourself on LinkedIn as a industry leader you need the right content. Your content strategy must include:

–> High-value and something that appeals to your ideal client.
–> Harmonising prominent content pertinent to ideal client.
–> Maintaining contact with status updates.
–> Publishing your articles on LinkedIn.

3. How do you brand yourself on LinkedIn?

The fundamental aspect of social selling on LinkedIn is personal branding. To effectively brand yourself on LinkedIn you need to do 4 things.

1.Create a comprehensive and masterful LinkedIn profile.
2.Use a professional headshot.
3.Guarantee that your profile is customer oriented.
4.Query recommendations for the role you currently hold.

4. The most critical aspect of every sales discussion on LinkedIn is…

Transition to offline dialog.

Social selling is not about the sale but about producing sales opportunities.

If a prospect has built up relationship and confidence, shift the conversation offline.

You can learn more about the individual and their challenges, and make suggestions on how they can mitigate those challenges using your product, through offline dialogue.

Many struggle with this because they are in such a rush that they discourage potential clients with salesy approaches resulting in never reaching the point of offline conversation.

The main objectives of engagement on LinkedIn is moving sales conversations offline. So stop selling, relax and build relationships.

5. To broaden your LinkedIn network you need to pursue all possibilities. Right?

Try This


Connect with co-workers and fellow professionals that you know.
Connect with your clients.


Find potential clients by using the LinkedIn Advanced search function.
Also consider:

1. Networking with 2nd and 3rd connections who have engaged with your content.

2. Ask connections for referrals and introductions.

3. Follow and engage with influencers.

If you find it difficult writing content for your LinkedIn Account feel free to check out our LinkedIn Content Done for You where we’ve helped hundreds of busy professionals, just like you, grow their businesses with compelling content that grow, engage and nurture their LinkedIn Communities.