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5 Scenarios to Business Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing has always been, for most smaller businesses, a budget consideration. Some will negotiate the cheapest price while others will opt to rather follow the DIY route as it is perceived as the most cost-effective solution.

Consider marketing similar to that of farming. If you do not sow the seeds you cannot reap the harvest. And the cheapest seeds available will yield a poor crop. And while you think that your business cannot afford the cost of professional marketing, your business in fact cannot afford the lack of a digital marketing partner at your side.

Also, the face of marketing changed drastically, and Ryan Deiss, Founder and Owner of Digitalmarketer, reported earlier this year that online marketing methods as a business choice surpassed traditional offline marketing methods. The reason is obvious; customers are online and buying decisions are made through online searches and online social proof.

Just as people will approach your business for solutions so you should consider partnering with a digital marketing agency especially if you experience the following:

  1. You are not sure what is important when you are marketing your business. Marketing is a business discipline interdependent and integrated with other business disciplines. It takes business skill, coupled with marketing skill to understand how your ideal prospect and leads will respond to your marketing messages. More so, digital marketing has many aspects, systems and tools, and knowing which will work best is not always that obvious.
  2. You are not experiencing the power of inbound marketing. When you need to consistently embark on sales and marketing activities it means that you have not established a sustainable online presence. According to Ahrefs 91% of online business content will not be found with a Google search. Outbound marketing activities are expensive and time consuming, and a skilled digital marketing agency design systems to ensure that your marketing efforts will yield a positive ROI over and over for the same efforts and costs.
  3. You are not getting enough qualified leads. Developing buyer persona’s while improving landing pages require a dedicated focus and skill set coupled with the experience a digital marketing agency will offer. If you are spending money on your marketing efforts and not getting qualified leads engaging with a digital marketing agency is critical to keep your business profitable.
  4. You are not growing an audience on social media platforms. For many DIY inhouse business marketers posting new content and spending time online is a complete waste of time and effort. They just do not understand that the latest offers and discounts are deemed as Spam and are not welcome. Sadly, they almost always do not find a way to create a ‘tribe’ of potential buyers that cannot wait for their very next piece of content. Social media will always just be social selling relying on expensive PPC campaigns.
  5. Your marketing budget is just too small to invest in more advance options. This might sound totally illogical but if you cannot afford marketing it is a clear sign that your business is not growing and probably already facing the prospect of not surviving. Now is the time to re-visit your budget expenditure and re-allocate your revenue to ensure that you can invest in a marketing contract for at least three months with a digital marketing agency that will take your business to the next level.

In conclusion if you identify any of these five scenarios, a digital marketing agency can give your business a big advantage. Whether you’re a start-up, entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a SMME, let a digital marketing agency get your business to the next level.

Remember 91% of internet users search online when looking for information on the products or services they need. If your business isn’t being promoted online, it’s essentially invisible to a huge percentage of your potential customers.


Tilly Davies Digital Marketing Agency Solutions

At Tilly Davies, we have nearly 40 years of business of which 15 years focussed on developing digital marketing solutions for our customers. We are one of the few, if not the only digital marketing agency, that understands the importance of integrating all marketing efforts into the business processes, procedures and systems.

We do not market what you sell, but rather what they buy. Because sales start with service and services start with sales. Everything we do in business focus on creating the ultimate customer experience.

Our services therefor are audience-centric focusing on nurturing an extraordinary experience for the potential customer, creating trust customer trust and relationships that few can match.

Our team uses specialised skills to develop marketing strategies that yield real, measurable results.

We are a unique, boutique and exclusive digital marketing agency, and pride ourselves in cultivating relationships with our clients, in understanding and promoting their brands as though they were our own.

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