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The day I realized the significance of the LinkedIn Profile, my efforts on LinkedIn became easy and fun.

I used to work hard on LinkedIn, posting content and engaging with almost everybody I could find just to ensure that I am visible and will be seen.

Then, almost by chance, I looked at my profile and asked myself what others see when they visit my profile.

My answer…

Not that much!

That’s when I made the discovery… what if the LinkedIn profile could act like my website.

A source of information to introduce my personal and business brand with the main purpose to create interest and start building relationships.

I was on to something and started planning, almost wire framing my profile sections.

It was a breakthrough!

Today all I do is focus on providing content and engagement that will create curiosity to drive traffic to my profile.

The profile does the rest!

The profile works for me.

The profile creates enough interest and relationships are formed, resulting in not only leads but clients, at will and almost predictably.

Admittedly it does take careful planning but, in this article, I will highlight the 5 sections that are critical and what you should focus on.

1.     The Banner

The banner is more than an image that introduces your brand. The banner image must create curiosity and display something that will ‘move’ the visitor emotionally. It is always about them and not you. Find an image that will display your brand values that will become the ultimate customer experience you want for your customer.

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An image alone is not enough. You also need to add a phrase that will display the dream your customers have. Think about what they, your customers, are dreaming about. It must move them towards that ‘Aha’ moment. They must say to themselves ‘If only I could have that…’

2.     The Profile Picture

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The profile picture must welcome the profile visitor, almost in a similar manner as when someone knocks on your door. Make sure you look straight into the camera with a big smile. This is your opportunity to leave a good first impression and remember you always only have one opportunity to a good first impression.

Avoid the urge to photoshop your picture and make sure that the picture is recent. People buy from people and people want to meet YOU!

3.     The Headline

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 Stop trying to be cute and clever. Clarity is the best weapon against confusion. Always remember that a confused mind will leave, empty handed and still searching for solutions. On LinkedIn your competitor is just a click away.

Again, focus on what they want to hear and not what you want to say. When your profile visitor reads the headline it must speak to them, clearly and in familiar language without any company or industry jargon.

Also, your title is meaningless to them. LinkedIn is a very selfish world as everyone is focused on what is in it for them.

In your headline you only need to highlight 3 key elements and in this order:

·       First highlight the main problem your customers have.

·       Second offer the solution you offer.

·       Third detail the results your solution offers for the problem your customers experience.

4.     The About

While the About section is a great opportunity to detail your values, experience, expertise or even your resume, don’t focus on these.

Surprise your profile visitor with the details of their story and not yours! This is a great formula to follow:

·       Highlight the problem your customers experience

·       Introduce yourself as the problem solver, the solution provider, in an empathetic and competent way.

·       Offer a simple plan of action, no more than 3-5 steps of how you could assist them

·       Ask the profile visitor to take action but do not send them to a landing page for email address farming purposes. Typically, a simple action like schedule an appointment, follow my LinkedIn page or join my LinkedIn group is enough to get your profile visitor into a habit of taking action when dealing with you.

·       Finally show them the failure, the problem, that will persist versus the success they will have when engaging with you.

This About section layout is a total game changer and will convert a profile visitor into a prospect.

5.     The Experience

Now it is your turn!

But again, avoid the urge to highlight your background, experience or expertise.

The profile experience section is where you link your LinkedIn page with your profile. It just makes sense to use the experience as an introduction to your business. It must be in sync with the About section of your LinkedIn page. Whatever you detail in your LinkedIn Page About section must be a follow up of what you detail in your LinkedIn Profile Experience.

Highlight areas such as:

·       What you do

·       How you do it

·       Why it works

·       What others say

·       Connect with me

Final Word

The LinkedIn profile is the center, the starting point, of your LinkedIn prospecting efforts.

Everything you do on LinkedIn is for one purpose only – to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

Setup your profile in such a way that it will work for you, a resource similar to that of your website, converting visitors into prospects, leads and even clients.

And LinkedIn will become the most effective marketing tool for you, saving you time, effort, and money.

Change only happen when we take action.

If you need assistance to setup your LinkedIn profile, our LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Makeover service will be the answer.

This is how we will do it for you

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