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Digital Marketing Failure

80% of Digital Marketing Ad Campaigns do fail!

AdEspresso detailed 22 overlooked mistakes of why Facebook Ad campaigns fail in the article “22 Silly No-Brainer Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail”. While some of the greatest digital marketing thought leaders all agree that 80% of digital marketing campaigns do fail.

So what does this mean? Do we need to stop all efforts?

Hell no, we do have to grow our businesses and marketing is nothing more than telling potential customers that our businesses, products and services do exist; offering the solutions they are looking for.

So what is the answer?

The answer is obvious. Most, if not all, the digital marketing training, advice and guidance currently available are designed for the larger corporate companies. They have the time, the resources and the budgets to sustain a failure rate of 80% until they ‘strike oil’.

Smaller business cannot afford this vicious cycle of ‘try and fail’ yet they do as that is what is available. The small business now need to stop following the digital marketing methods of larger companies and realize that digital marketing for the small business is different.

And that is what Support Small Business (SSB) offer – Digital Marketing for the small business! Instead of focusing on the traditional digital marketing funnels SSB has turned this traditional funnel upside down.

Traditional funnels focus on driving huge traffic and filter these through Facebook or Google Ad campaigns to landing pages with opt-in forms, nurturing these subscribers with lead magnets via email marketing campaigns sending them to more landing pages maybe even more Ad campaigns until finally the goal is reached – a customer – or the campaign is deemed as a failure and then try again!

SSB developed digital marketing funnels specific to the needs of the smaller business. Not only did we turn the digital marketing sales funnel upside down but we also addressed another major error in small business digital marketing strategies.

Due to the obvious time, resource and budget constraints smaller business, in error, decide to only focus on one aspect of digital marketing and for most, Facebook marketing is the obvious choice.

Digital marketing is an integrated process starting with a well-designed and optimized website, integrating with a content marketing strategy that focus on adding huge value. This content must integrate with a social media strategy that focuses on relationship building and nurturing while distributing the content to attract visitors to the website. The website then offers the visitors the opportunity to opt-in into a mailing list to receive more content by means of well-designed email marketing campaigns. And ultimately these visitors are sent back to the website and social media channels for more engagement – until finally the sale is made.

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The emphasis is on relationship building but is such a way that it can be done with in the time, resource and budget constraints of the small business, within an integrated digital marketing strategy.

That is what Support Small Business offer  the small business; an integrated affordable digital marketing strategy that works.

A digital marketing strategy that is not copied or duplicated from larger companies but has been designed, developed, tried and tested for specifically the solopreneur, the small business and the SME.

A digital marketing strategy that covers every aspect of digital marketing, priced based on the actually activity needed for a predefined required customer base size.  In other words what amount of activity is needed for creating and maintaining the required customer base.

The Support Small Business digital marketing solutions will be the only digital marketing budget requirements as no other activity is needed.

View our solutions here and decide today to use digital marketing in a smart and effective manner to grow your business.