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A Lead Generation Management Tool Review

Internet Marketing can be totally overwhelming. There are so many components like content, email, social media and other marketing disciplines to consider that daily activity management can become a mammoth task. Even more so, I have found, that actual lead and sales management more often than not, is an afterthought that is almost impossible to schedule daily. It all becomes a vicious circle of ‘busy’ time yielding undesirable results.

I enjoyed the luxury, in the corporate world, of utilizing systems like Salesforce, Zoho and Infusionsoft to assist with managing the customer journey from lead generation through to customer services. These systems were expensive and without advanced technical skill, not a business venture for the faint hearted. But once mastered highly recommended as my Internet Marketing efficiencies soared.

When I started my Internet Marketing Coaching Agency, I soon realized that I need a lead generation management tool and system. It is impossible to deliver the promised value without such a system. The corporate systems were just not an option; too expensive and too time consuming in setup’s and configuration!

I went searching and found MyLeadSystemPro. The name was intriguing and a fit for what I was looking for but I soon realized that it is a Network Marketer haven. I am not a Network Marketer and was hugely disappointed and discouraged but desperately looking for a solution. I persisted and decided to continue with a thorough due diligence. What I have found was so surprising that for the first time in my career I decided to write a review.

With MyLeadSystemPro I could:

  1. Start a Blog without any technical know-how. Step-by-step video’s guided me through the process.
  2. Create a Landing Page, with retargeting, in literally minutes
  3. Integrate my Email Autoresponder and manage all my email activities from one platform
  4. Access an advance CRM system managing all leads and sales effortlessly
  5. But most of all I had access to a library of Internet Marketing training that is totally unheard of. Some of these training, all video training of over 60 minutes, are done by people that actually have the proven results. I was totally dumb founded watching these videos when the trainer opened his Twitter account and showed me exactly what he does to increase his account with 4000 and more followers per month and how he receives actual engagement. Not only did I have access to this kind of training, I also have access to ask questions to a community of Internet Marketers finding answers and solutions quickly.

I was sold and discovered a number of small business entrepreneurs utilizing MyLeadSystemPro with some great results.

In fact MyLeadSystemPro supports my coaching program and I now, as an affiliate marketer, offer the system as part of my coaching package. Not only does it pay me handsomely but is the only affiliate marketing system available that pays 100% commissions. More so in any business our marketing and sales activities come with a huge price tag. Now I can offer a business solution to anyone that do not need my coaching services and my marketing and sales activities are paid for – a cost effective lead management system tool that pays for itself.

Like I said I have never done a system review in my entire career but if you are a smaller business, an affiliate marketer or even a Network Marketer look no further.

As I am a customer service specialist I always encourage others to look at the CRM within MyLeadSystemPro first. Once you see the power you too will be sold