Marketing Customer Experience

Tilly Davies – Her Story

Digital strategist extraordinaire, Tilly has a profound ability to read market trends and LinkedIn’s dynamism particularly. One of those people who see it, calmly do it, and get it right, she is foundational to MarketingCX’s ability to propel clients ever upwards.

A seasoned business professional with more than 35 years experience in senior management roles, Tilly is passionate about growing businesses. She drives the ethos that makes MarketingCX unique, and is living proof that aiding others in their endeavours – paying it forward – is the sustaining grist to the mill of business at large.

Having been operational in areas such as IT, Customer Experience and Finance, Tilly has an incomparable grasp of the recipe for business success. Remarkable in her ability to keep all balls in the air without letting any drop, she redefines the conventional thinking around online campaigns’ and ‘marketing’ per se.

A dedicated number of marketers who live and breathe LinkedIn surround her, and together form the MarketingCX team. In the modern era, the time is here and now to focus on a larger, broader vision of impacting on the economy and society.

Our mission as a team is to connect people around real shared values, integrity, and profitability, creating trust and growing business communities that will work together for a larger, broader economic impact on our societies.

Our vision is to change the way people do business – we’ve had the theory for years – and really manifest the relationship infrastructures we all know make for a decent and profitable life.

Ecommerce is set to boom, and its ability to propel us forwards into an era of business integrity and honest values is profound. We focus on the Customer Experience as an integral part of all marketing initiatives and campaigns, and our results speak for themselves.

MarketingCX Mission

At MarketingCX, making a positive change in our clients businesses, is always more important than making money.

We care about the impact we make on the business world.

Our profits will be a by-product of that impact. We recognize that social selling successes are the main challenge our clients face, jeopardizing their business successes.

Our focus is on B2B Businesses and therefor became LinkedIn Specialists. We strive to solve our client’s problems and remain students of the social selling methodologies and techniques to achieve this. Our motto is LinkedIn Supremacy through Customer Experience Marketing for all. We story-sell to make sure that they see them.

Our biggest pet hate is spamming and sleazy sales techniques. We only want to work with people that are looking for us.

Our customers feel the same – so we play nice. We see business as a cooperative game that can only be won together.

And we play that game to win.

Become a Customer Experience focused business and dominate the online world – here we will show you how!