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Be very careful of Skepticism vs Scams and Schemes

It was seven years ago that I changed my destiny! It was a very expensive lesson and one that I hope, by sharing this, will save someone today, and the reason for this blog.

Back in 2009 I was a Sport Nutritionist and affiliated with a nutrition network marketing company. I was ashamed to admit that I was a network marketer because of my extensive corporate career. It just did not fit! What will my colleagues and past acquaintances think of me? So I went into hiding and declared loudly and publicly that my affiliation with the nutrition network marketing company was only based on my Sport Nutrition qualification.

I went full time and realized that this is not easy at all. I was highly skilled and qualified in computer technologies and started to make quite a name for myself in the social media / online world. But with all the skills I had, I still battled to make progress. Instead of focusing on providing a service to my athletes I found myself constantly looking for clients. Leads, and more leads daily were desperately needed.

After a thorough search I found an online company professing to provide a system and training on how to generate leads daily. Now this was a better fit for me, this company was not a network marketing company but an affiliate marketing concern. It was a no-brainer to get involved.

At that time I met with David, a very successful network marketer. But what stood out for me was his knowledge, his caring attitude and his willingness to assist me. I followed his blog religiously and tried to apply everything I learned from him in the lead generation company I now joined – where ultimately I was exposed to Ray Higdon and his teachings. But to me Ray was a shadow of David at the time but I continued to follow Ray’s teaching as it spoke to me and taught me skills I still use.

After about 6 months my problem with lead generation was somewhat solved but not completely. And I was fed-up to keep on trying, spending money but most of all live a life of not admitting what I am doing.  I decided my skepticism was true and all this is nothing but a scheme and a scam! I left, closed shop and went back to my safe corporate world.

The next seven years until today in 2016 I lived my life in the comfort of knowing I have a monthly income; like I did all of my adult life. I started a corporate concern and sold it. I consulted to some corporate companies and got paid. I coached some businesses on business improvement strategies and got paid. My son and I live comfortably as all our needs are met but not our wants. I work very hard 12-14 hours every day but I have some form of an income.

Then in December 2015 I decided I need my life back. I need to live not work. I want to be with my family. I want to serve others and help them. I do not want to just exist anymore; I want more. So I decided to start my own small business again; something that will be less stressful and more satisfying which gave birth to Tilly Davies Consulting. I can now serve others and have the satisfaction to see others grow in their small businesses and help them to be successful especially in online marketing – a skill that by now made me ‘famous’ amongst corporate and small business entrepreneurs.

It started and it’s growing slowly! I even started assisting network marketers and affiliate marketers making a statement to all that network marketing is a viable business solution for some. But there was still one nagging issue – leads. Any business can only flourish if they have a constant in flux of qualified leads, daily. I needed leads and so did my clients!

You guessed it! I went back to the lead generation company I was involved with, back in 2009. But this you will never have guessed – I found Ray Higdon still there. But Ray has grown and became one of the top leaders in the company, admired by everyone for his achievements and skill plus he is now a 6-7 figure income earner living the life of his dreams, totally beyond limits.

And therein the lesson! If I stayed and persisted taking daily consistent action like Ray, I could have been where he is today. Not still struggling to make ends meet but rather living my life of dreams beyond limits.

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Sometimes we are just too skeptic about what is on offer as we fear schemes and scams so much that we totally miss our destinies. Please don’t do that to yourself like I did.

I am back more motivated and dedicated than ever before to assist others to learn how to generate leads for their businesses. Why? To assist others to grow their businesses whereby they can serve others, with their products and services, as well themselves by being financially healthy. More so, for others to not make the same mistake I did. Brian the CEO of the lead generation company  said yesterday, that it is selfish to be broke as it only means that you do not serve enough people.

It this you?

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