Marketing Customer Experience

Change always starts with us!

Change only happens when we take action. 

My message to you today is direct and with grave urgency!

We are in business to provide solutions.

Solutions that can solve the problems and challenges our ideal clients are seeking.

There is a cost to the business owner to create these solutions such as product creation, sales, marketing, and administration also known as operational overheads.

Once the pressure of covering these costs hits the business owner, is when everything seems to go horribly wrong.

The focus shifts.

The once good intentions of providing solutions, of serving a community are lost!

All focus is now on making money!

Survival of the business, and even the business owner’s personal economy, is taking preference.

The sad truth is that few businesses find their own solutions and become just another liquidation statistic.

For any business to grow and thrive the answer is seemingly simple, effective marketing and sales!

Now if it is that simple why do so many businesses fail?

I believe lack of knowing how to implement marketing and sales disciplines, that will produce the results the business needs to meet and exceed its business goals!

Statistics don’t lie

In South Africa we are faced with many challenges…

Currently the unemployment rate is 35.3%. But that is just the beginning… the youth unemployment rate is estimated at 66.70%.

The solution? SMMEs!

But this is where the real problem lies!

South Africa has a higher failure rate of SMMEs than elsewhere in the world.

Statistics reveal that 50% of small businesses fail within 24 months of launch. According to research and reported by the UWC, between 70% and 80% of small businesses fail within 5 years.

Change always starts with us.

The answer to these horrifying statistics is business growth that will result in business success. And business growth only happens with successful marketing and sales initiatives.

The MarketingCX Solution

MarketingCX, under the leadership of Tilly Davies, decided to get involved!

Let’s unite, stand together, and help each other to be successful. Here is how…

Our LinkedIn Online 7 Building Block Training ($197) has been our most popular and successful course to date.

But LinkedIn changed!

We are now faced with having to re-record the entire course.

One option is to spend hours in a studio recording.

Another option is tor help business owners and professionals, like you, to learn how to generate leads and clients on LinkedIn while recording.

Assisting you to implement marketing and sales functions in your business that will produce the results your business needs.


MarketingCX is on a mission to help businesses to work towards success, and in so doing creating employment opportunities.

Ultimately creating opportunities for every small business owner to be successful and serving their communities well

Here is the deal

Join us on the 2-6 May 2022, 10-11am SAST (GMT+2) to learn how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business.

Cost: $47 (Currently $197 with a planned increase to $297 after the recordings)

We are keeping the price as low as possible, covering costs only, to make it affordable to all.

With the focus on serving, we will also offer the first 30 registered paid participants, 2 months free access to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. This is a LinkedIn feature and LinkedIn rules will apply.

There is more…

You will also receive supporting download documents plus 3 month’s support on our LinkedIn Group to ensure your success

Final Word

No more excuses

If you have done a LinkedIn course before you need this as LinkedIn changed significantly…

If you are generating leads on LinkedIn, you can get more…

Join us, join our mission to grow your business and let’s all become the change we need desperately

… And if this is not for you share this with someone that needs it more…

… And if you are not sure about the value you will receive join our Webinar on Thursdays at 11am (GMT+2) and see us in action.

Change only happens when we take action.

Seats are limited…


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