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Do this and your Business will Fail


With a guarantee that you will never achieve success!

It is no secret that I am a marketer, a digital marketer and loving every minute of it. Why?

Mostly I think because it is so challenging creative – if that makes sense. Also, to me, the satisfaction of seeing a client’s business grow is the ultimate daily joy and fulfilment.

But, there is always a but isn’t there, what is so frustrating is the lack of understanding regarding the value of marketing. And it is lack of understanding NOT a money issue.

You see in any business you need to spend a percentage on marketing and sales so that your business continues to grow. Some larger companies can spend up to even 60% of their monthly income on marketing and sales.

But for a small business with an income of less than R100000 per month, I always advise 10%. If your income is less than R50000 per month you are not running a business but created a ‘job’ for yourself and should seriously consider a business coach if running a business is your goal.

So, it stands to reason then that any small business should be able to afford at least R5000 – R10000 per month on professional marketing services. Plus this will ensure that the business grows and becomes valuable to the economy creating jobs for the unemployed!

So why don’t businesses utilise professional marketing services?

Here’s the tough love part where I’m sure to piss some of you off. I’m doing it for the purpose of trying to wake you up and get you going in the right direction.

If any of these sounds like you, I can almost guarantee you will never achieve success:

• “I want to become a success, but I don’t want to / can’t invest any money.”

• “I want to become a success, but I don’t have the time to learn new stuff.”

• “I want to become a success, but I can’t make decisions quickly as I need to over think everything.”

• “I want to become a success and I will do whatever it takes but only when the time is tight”

• “ I think everything out there is a scam and doesn’t work so I will do it myself even though I have no understanding how it actually works.”

If you really want to be successful in your business, then…

– You need to be prepared to work harder than most people.

– You need to help others as much as possible and stop being selfish.

– You need to invest in the right tools and training.

– You need to step up and become the leader you need to be to be successful.

– You need to treat this like a real business, not a hobby.

– You need to stop blaming others for your lack of success.

I know this post will piss some people off and will cost me a lot of connections, but that’s fine with me because I probably can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

However, if you are prepared to help yourself, and if you want to learn better ways to help more people and get results faster, and you’re prepared to invest time and money to grow your business….. then I dare you to take action and let me help you with your marketing….. for yourself, your loved ones, your neighbour, the unemployed, your local community and ultimately your country.

Now I triple dare you to share this…..

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