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Don’t publish another update on Social Media, read this first!

Content is the most important part of the digital marketing engine; the core that holds it all together. It serves many different purposes but mostly it encourages people to visit your business’s online structures to determine if there is a match. It also assists to establish your brand, portray you as an expert in your field plus it is a sure way to maintain an online presence; just being there.

Now even though much has been said on the subject of content a lot of focus is towards articles, blogs, vlogs and the creation of lengthy educational or sales material to build a solid online following. People you can reach out to whenever you need to.

More focus, however, should be on the actual social media content, the regular post updates. This sadly gets neglected often with detrimental effects. Just think about it, when you visit a company’s LinkedIn page or Facebook fan page or even their Twitter profile and the last post update has been a week or a month ago! What is the impression that business creates in your mind?

There are two distinct aspects of Social Media!

These must be maintained and nurtured always, namely Social and Media!

On the one hand, you need to engage by answering questions, thanking your followers for ‘likeing’ and ‘shareing’ you content. You need to respond to your followers and engage with their updates. Most importantly though you need to do this daily otherwise you will be perceived as a ‘selfish’ follower that only come out of the closet when you need to sell, resulting in poor social media ROIs. This is the social aspect of social media and it is recommended that you do not outsource this aspect of your social media efforts. Here is where you build your brand image, your brand voice and turn marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads.

More importantly, you need arrive daily at your business’s social media channels and infrastructures. It is amazing how websites loudly advocates ‘Follow Us Here’ but upon arrival at the advertised social media channel, the last update was weeks or even months ago. Look at your social media channels and ask yourself the question why others should follow your profile or company page. What is in it for them, will they be bored waiting for you to arrive?

Social Media content or post updates, therefore, are the most important part of the digital marketing engine; the core that holds it all together. By not posting at least one post update daily is similar to having a shop in a very busy mall but only open and be present when it is convenient for you! Most shop owners, in busy malls, employ shop assistants to ensure that there is someone present daily. Similarly, it is in important to be present daily in your social media channels by posting at least one post or content update per day. A short one to three sentence post that serves your social media followers with educational, informational or even entertaining updates, is all your business needs to enjoy huge returns from your social media presence.

Unfortunately creating, writing and publishing these updates can be hugely time-consuming for the busy Small Business owner. Fact remains that if you use social media the right way, you’ll be able to gain more business leads through it. Afterall you do want more leads and grow your business, don’t you?

If you are in need of quality social media content for your business, we’ll be happy to help you out. Remember ‘You do the Social, We do the Media’!

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