How to choose a Network Marketing Company – 5 Steps

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May 27, 2016


Tilly Davies

I am an Internet Marketing coach, teaching small companies (including network marketers) how to market online and generate leads. Until now, I loudly professed that I am not involved in any network marketing company and I had no intentions to – my business is well on track.

Then opportunity presents itself! I stopped in my tracks and looked, I could not refuse; this needed some time and investigation. I am sure you heard of ‘doing a due diligence’ but I geared myself to take one week to investigate every aspect of the opportunity before just jumping in, just to regret it later.

This is the five step process I followed but also the steps that I advise every ‘wanna-be’ network marketer should follow when choosing a network marketing company to align themselves with.

  1. The company. Investigate the company and consider all these aspects:
    1. The founders, owners, directors and top management. Who are they? What is their experience? What is their management style?
    2. When was the company formed?
    3. What was the financials year-on-year, determining the financial growth and stability?
    4. Investigate every law suit (if any), complaint and review of the company and form your own opinion.
    5. Evaluate their online structures, websites and social media, and form an opinion on their professional conduct.
    6. In how many countries in the world are they represented and are there any known problems in that? How quickly are they moving globally which will indicate the extend of an international opportunity
  2. The products. Are the products currently used by yourself, just a different brand, but also consider:
    1. Will you change brands and why?
    2. How was the products formulated any scientific (or medical) research available?
    3. How was the products accepted into the market? Any reviews including complaints? What is the demand for the product and consider the ‘want’ and not the ‘need’ – people buy what they want not what they need! (and the reason for the debt crisis in our societies)
    4. Does the product packaging look professional with a lot of attention to detail? It is important as it says a lot about the company’s pride in their offerings.
    5. How is the products distributed? Online should be the only choice as network marketers should as far as possible stay away from door-to-door sales (or any form of retail for that matter). How will that work in your country including the warehouse and courier services?
  3. The sponsors (upline). The people (or person) that invited you to look at the opportunity will become your mentor, guide and coach, therefor consider:
    1. How long have they been supporting this company? Where were they before? Most importantly are they ‘MLM hoppers’ – then run a mile!
    2. What is their marketing experience? Ask for a detailed resume if you are not sure or you cannot find enough information online.
    3. What structure, systems and tools will they make available for you to get started?
    4. What is their online experience and expertise? Can you verify this by looking at their social media channels?
    5. Do they hold a leadership position or do they have the potential to hold such a position in the company?
    6. How did they handle the interviews and presentations? Look for a professional business minded approach and see red flags when you only encounter promises and a lot of hype.
  4. Network Marketing Company System, Tools and Compensation Plan. You do not want to waste time or money in creating websites, marketing material and support material therefor consider:
    1. What do you get from the company once you registered or enrolled? What are you buying into?
    2. Are these systems and tools easy to operate and understand? Are there training or training materials available once you become a member?
    3. Does everybody use these structures or are most creating their own, which will indicate the effectiveness of the structures.
    4. Is the comp plan easy to understand and will you be able to explain the comp plan with ease?
    5. Does the comp plan support your financial goals within your timeframes? Most importantly how much will you have to accomplish and achieve to support your financials goals and is this doable within your timeframe expectations?
  5. In order to build your network marketing business you will need to recruit a number of people to assist you – build your own team – therefor ask these questions?
    1. How many people will be willing to use these products? Is it something everybody does use or will you need to educate people first to understand why they need this?
    2. Will you be able to train people in your business and assist them to start earning an income within 4-6 weeks?
    3. How much work is involved to get started? It is important that everybody is able to start productively operating within one week.
    4. Are your own targets and goals clear but also adaptable to include the goals of others and is this possible within this company?
    5. How much infrastructure does the company offer to support your people and can this be duplicated with ease?

These 5 steps, with the questions in each step, will give you a clear picture if you in fact want to align yourself and build a long term sustainable and profitable network marketing business using the network marketing company, that you are considering, products and services. But….consider…

The Deciding Factor

Business, any business, should have customers and generate profit. I am going to invest a lot of time and effort and some money to build a business for myself using the network marketing model. If I cannot earn at least $3000 within six month and if I cannot teach others to do the same, it is not a viable business opportunity. Period! More so, it is a people business and I do not disappoint. Therefor if I am going to offer this as a business or even an income solution to others it must absolutely work!


Digital strategist extraordinaire, Tilly has a profound ability to read market trends and LinkedIn’s dynamism particularly. One of those people who see it, calmly do it, and get it right, she is foundational to MarketingCX’s ability to propel clients ever upwards. A seasoned business professional with more than 35 years experience in senior management roles, Tilly is passionate about growing businesses. She drives the ethos that makes MarketingCX unique, and is living proof that aiding others in their endeavours – paying it forward – is the sustaining grist to the mill of business at large.
Written by Tilly Davies


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Digital strategist extraordinaire, Tilly has a profound ability to read market trends and LinkedIn’s dynamism particularly. One of those people who see it, calmly do it, and get it right, she is foundational to MarketingCX’s ability to propel clients ever upwards.



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