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How to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool

Knowledge is power… Do you even know how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool?

And therein lies the problem…

It is a known fact that LinkedIn generates 227% more leads than Facebook or Twitter. But how?

Often, I see businesses frustrated as they waste a lot of time and effort on LinkedIn not getting the results they were aiming for.

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The problem is not generating leads…

The problem is not knowing how!

LinkedIn marketing is simple, easy and for the business of today a ‘cannot do without’.

It is a process to make new business connections that will generate leads while improving brand awareness. It is only on LinkedIn that you can foster business relationships and partnerships plus expose your brand message by sharing content, and even drive traffic to your website.

It should be an integral part of any business’s successful marketing strategy today because of how effective it is in expanding professional networks.

When using LinkedIn, you will gain access to useful business information through features related to analytics, connections, and brand-building, and more.

Whether you’re a small business owner who looks after marketing yourself or you manage the marketing team within your company, knowing how to utilize LinkedIn for business and marketing is key to your business success.

It is only on LinkedIn that you can connect and share brand message content with potential customers that will lead to consistent business growth.

This is why LinkedIn is so powerful — it is a fantastic marketing tool for any business.


Warning! Watch out for these LinkedIn high priority distractions:

1.     Engaging in inspirational and motivational content that has nothing to do with your brand or business

2.     Posting content that only focus on gaining vanity metrics – like, share or comments

3.     Reading other people’s profiles that clearly is not your ideal client (Hint: if the profile does not grab your attention in 3 seconds leave!)

4.     Visit groups to engage but do not have members that is your ideal clients, or the group is not active

5.     Sending messages without a systematic structure and not asking questions

6.     Focusing on quantity rather than quality activities on LinkedIn

There is more but my point really is this…

LinkedIn can be just a distraction in your business, de-railing you and leaving you wasting time, day after day…


Work smarter and not harder… and know what you are aiming for the minute you log into your LinkedIn account.

Final Word

Marketing on LinkedIn has 2 main challenges:

1.           You must get the right message, to the right person at the right time

2.           Digital Marketing, especially on LinkedIn is more disposable than ever. You think you created some awesome content to add value, but people might not even see it. And those that did will soon forget about it, treating it as disposable.

No matter what your journey was like, or for whatever reason you are here on LinkedIn today reading this, know this…

Marketing on LinkedIn is huge fun, but you will have to remain a student of the LinkedIn, digital marketing world…

To remain competitive and valid as a business professional.

Want to know how?

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