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Lead Generation Lessons Learned in 2018

Every year, while we continually stick to what we know works, we definitely see advances in technology, in marketing techniques, in business growth factors in general.

As we approach 2019, now is a good time to reflect on what we’ve learned this year, and based on those experiences and where we see the trends headed for next year. We have three predictions when it comes to lead generation for businesses in 2019.

LinkedIn Lead Gen

As experts in cutting-edge lead generation tactics, we continually look to refine our approach to LinkedIn when trying to generate high-ticket appointments for our clients.

Lesson Learned: Groups Are More Important Than Ever

Every day we use LinkedIn for outbound campaigns designed to build relationships with high-ticket prospects or paid ad campaigns (more on that below), and while we’re constantly learning how to improve our efforts, some of the biggest changes we’ve noticed this year revolve around one key idea: building authority.

Before I get into the why’s and how’s of this year’s changes or next years prediction, here is some context. A key step to any lead generation campaign worth its weight is to build authority and gain the trust of your potential clients. Without putting an emphasis on trust and authority, you’ll limit your results.

One of the main ways we build instant authority is through communities. If you start a relationship with your prospects coming from the position of a resource or a leader of a community that is exactly for people like them, you’ll immediately be positioned above all the other vendors in your prospect’s inbox each day.

Because you are the one managing a community for them and bringing others like them together.LinkedIn Groups are an excellent platform to build authority and while the tactics for how you manage the group may change based on changes the platform implements, which LinkedIn made changes to this year, (this applies even if you’re not using LinkedIn)…but the core of having authority is still necessary to long-term success.

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