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MarketingCX offers a flexible service that addresses whatever it is that’s holding your business back, from Admin to Zetabytes

Are you getting the most from your LinkedIn account?

Maybe you’re pretty au fait with LinkedIn and you get the whole process of generating sales opportunities on the platform. Still, you actually know it well enough to know where you fall short, because of a lack of time, or because you just don’t feel for some aspects of digital marketing. You’re might even be cruising on LinkedIn – whether you’ve commissioned us to run your LinkedIn marketing or not – but now that you are, you realise that other aspects of your business are lagging.

It’s often the miscellaneous little things that you simply can’t get to that make you feel like you’re still not in control. You can’t positively say things are up to speed, or even that you’re presenting and doing as well as you could in business at the moment. You might see so clearly that an audit would help clarify exactly what needs to be done and why, but just can’t get to it. A profile, or a page or two online might not be harmonious with your overall web presence, and it’s nagging at you. Your sales funnel is emptying and although you know why, blunt admin tasks are either eating your time, or eating your income potential because they’re not getting done. Sound familiar?

Content, profiles, PDFs, makeovers on aspects of your business, sales funnel installation, ebooks, or messaging continuity. These are all aspects of business no one escapes, and no one succeeds without.

MarketingCX offers its Quick Wins service to clients as a cost-effective and business savvy solution. We’ll provide the skills and man hours that can tip the balance in your favour, for a fixed fee that allows you to budget. Pick and choose from any of our offers, or we’ll define new ones together – here you decide what will aid you most – and we’ll bring all of our acumen to bear on the tasks at hand.

Get the assistance you need from the pros – we’ll discuss everything with no obligation

See what our amazing clients have to say

“I can highly recommend Tilly Davies to anyone who requires support in their small business, as her wealth and experience adds tremendous value in the shape of a consultative partner who helps you achieve your growth goals through her lead generating systems. Tilly is easy to work with, and always lives up to her promises.”

Eberhard Niklaus

Tilly’s insights to the world of social media marketing is extraordinary. Social media is continually evolving and website owners and businesses do not have the time to stay on top of all these developments. You don’t have to waste any further time and social media marketing – take her advice – like me you will not regret it!

Carl Meyer

Tilly Davies has been doing work for both me and Gateways since 2015. She assisted with the refinement of our corporate digital communications, and developed web, twitter and LinkedIn formats for our marketing. We were impressed by her knowledge of the field, her general professionalism and the ease of working with her. The highest compliment I can pay Tilly was to recommended her to my wife for her professional digital communications and marketing. Gateways has worked with other agencies over the years but all agree that Tilly was the best we had used.

Ian Mann

Thank you for all the amazing work you have done to help the businesses around you

Su-Mari du Bruyn

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