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We have been faced with great obstacles in the past two years.

Changing our normal to a ‘new normal’ has been challenging for all of us. One thing that has always remained was LinkedIn and being able to generate business from it.

This ensured that many companies could keep moving forward and not having to face liquidation.

So, what was their secret?

A LinkedIn profile that attracted their ideal clients keeping their sales pipelines active.

This does not happen overnight; it takes time to establish relationships plus LinkedIn change their algorithms frequently.

We can easily manage these by staying relevant.


A question asked by many, but it has a simple answer…add information to your profile that your ideal client wants to hear. They do not care about your social life or which tertiary institute you have gone to. They want to know whether they will be able to benefit and get value from you.

They are all human and I believe we forget that we are talking to humans when we set up our profiles. People want to feel like they belong, as the Hierarchy of Maslow suggests. You need to transfer a sense of belonging when someone ends up on your profile.

Remember, relationships with your ideal client always start on your profile.

Follow these 19 Critical LinkedIn Relationship Building Process steps to ensure that you stay relevant

  1. Have a complete and professional LinkedIn profile
  2. Use a professional Profile Image
  3. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is client-focused
  4. Request recommendations for your current position
  5. Create high-value content your target market is interested in
  6. Curate popular content that is relevant to your target market
  7. Stay top of mind by posting status updates
  8. Republish articles you have written on LinkedIn Publisher
  9. Connect with colleagues and other professionals that you know outside of LinkedIn
  10. Connect with your clients on LinkedIn
  11. Use the Advanced Search function to find prospects
  12. Connect with 2nd and 3rd-level connections that have engaged with your content
  13. Reach out to your network for referrals and warm introductions
  14. Follow and engage with influencers
  15. Engage in a dialogue with your new connections and build rapport
  16. Review your notifications and look for opportunities to engage
  17. See who is viewing your profile and connect with prospects
  18. Ensure all follow-up messages are “all about them”
  19. Once you have built rapport with a prospect, move the conversation offline

Are you using your LinkedIn account wisely to ensure that you stay relevant and build relationships with future clients?

Final Word

Now, remember you can reap all these benefits without leaving money on the table!

Focus on the benefits for your business and its growth when you have a fully optimised profile!

It just doesn’t make sense not to have a proper LinkedIn profile and stay relevant.  

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