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Why SEO for SME’s is the only way

I have been bombarded by queries from SME’s as to why they should invest in SEO, all arguing that their current digital marketing ROI does not warrant any further investment.

I guess they were all geared and armed for the ‘age old argument’ that your customer is online and therefor you should be. While that is true and one of the major reasons why the SME of today should, by now, be digital marketing focused, it is not what I offered them. Why should I, we all know that by now, right?

Instead I offered a total different perspective which I gladly share with you today.

There are four questions any SME business owner should ask to fully understand how SEO is the alpha and omega of digital marketing. More importantly how SEO ultimately is the only way to ensure business growth, including revenue, for the SME of today.

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The questions?

  1. How visible is your website? Without being visible you do not have an audience or visitors to market to.
  2. How well is your website converting a visitor to a subscriber, a person you can ‘talk to’ on a regular basis?
  3. How many of these subscribers are turning into raving fans, staying and engaging with the content you provide, content like emails, blogs, articles, social media, whitepapers, ebooks etc.?
  4. How many of these subscribers turn into customers which is measurable in revenue increase or decrease?

Now these are not just random questions to ask, they follow a sequence, a step-by-step plan detailing the buyers journey. I can now offer you the four (4) step plan of any digital marketing strategy. All focus every digital marketing activity should be driven to create:

  1. Audience
  2. Visitor
  3. Subscriber / Follower
  4. Customer

I have claimed to assist SME’s to grow their businesses by means of a sound SEO strategy. Now I can proof it. It all starts with SEO!

Without an audience you will never create a customer online! All focus must be on creating an audience and an audience is created by optimizing your website so that it becomes visible for a range keywords, attracting your ideal customer.

Now in order to grow your business–  double your audience, double your visibility!



It just makes sense!

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