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Social Media Key: Authentic, Quality Written Articles

Establishing a presence on Social Media is an overwhelming challenge if it’s your first time at it. Even when doing so in your personal capacity. You need to decide on your brand image and accompanying message, by assessing your values and interests from both yours and your potential fans’ point of view.

Once you’ve got the look and feel of your account up and running, you need to decide on the type of content you will be sharing and whether or not you will be writing your own articles, blogs, posts etc. Maybe you would like to source content through social bookmarking platforms such as or Swayy. While Social Bookmarking is useful and extremely popular, it has its setbacks. The content available on these platforms may be relevant, but because it’s someone else’s work, you will lack the authenticity that your fans are looking for.

Try your hand at writing a blog or a few articles from your day to day experiences to give your website visitors insight into who you are and what keeps you motivated..

All tools aside, authentic, quality written articles are what drives content marketing and gains you readership and followers. Hell, maybe even a few brand advocates, if you are consistent. The point is, WRITE!

Once you have a schedule put together and you are generating consistent content, you may still be lacking that one elusive tactic that may prove very, very helpful in growing your audience, “Industry news.” While the followers you have wooed are yours because of the original content you share, they still look elsewhere for other credible sources of news within their field of interests. This is where that elusive tactic comes in…

Industrious Social Media Marketing – A term I recently stole (blushes) from a client and developed into a ‘thing’. Basically this is the practice of incorporating topical content from industry leaders into your social media strategy, thereby establishing you or your clients’ legitimacy as a Facebook page.

While “Industry News” will get you the following and readership that you desire, you should also consider adding content from your clients, suppliers and affiliates’ social media channels to your content strategy. This would be to build on your relationships and show your support for their business ventures, awards etc.

That’s the just of Industrious Social Media Marketing.

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