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Sow Confusion, Reap Confusion!

Everything we do successfully has structure and order!

If you are an athlete there is a pre-defined proven method to become fit and excel in your sport. There are no short-cuts or easy methods that will bring the same results. Improvements on what works relating to the sport are possible but not a total re-invention of easier achievable fitness programs. It requires specific effort and dedication.

If you want to become a chiropractor, you will have to study the technique, the science and general chiropractic business methods for six years. Once qualified you will practice as a chiropractor and follow the exact same techniques as every other chiropractor. You cannot become a chiropractor without the necessary qualification or by deciding that proven methods of adjusting your patient’s spinal cord can suddenly be done differently to make it quicker and easier for you.

Everything we do successfully has structure and order but unfortunately for some network marketers this principle does not apply! These network marketers will focus on finding the shortest and easiest unproven methods of marketing. Sadly they will take these methods to their team members with the hope that they will bring the results; with detrimental financial catastrophes for everybody.

Network marketing simply is a network of people marketing a specific product together as a team following proven marketing methods. The marketing includes personal usage and seeking customers to use the product. It is for this reason that selecting the company and product to promote, is so crucially important. You cannot decide on a network marketing company or product purely and only based on the compensation plan seeking the quickest and shortest route to financial riches. Your aim should be to build a long term, sustainable and profitable business which means that the product you select must be a product that you will use daily. You should also consider the market need and not just your own personal preferences. Remember people buy what they want and not what they need; the main reason why we experience such a debt crisis in our societies. Do people want what you are promoting?

Once you decided on the company, the product and the network marketing team that you are going to join in order to build a profitable business for yourself, that team should guide you on how to get started and support your daily efforts. It is however your responsibility to take action daily and to follow the guidance offered. If you follow these steps success in a network marketing business is guaranteed.

Unfortunately most people view network marketing as a ‘get rich quick scheme’ and do not understand that all businesses must be managed as a business with clear business structures and objectives. They will enter into a network marketing business opportunity, confused and their businesses will have no structure and will lack proven marketing methods. Their poor friends and family, if exposed to this for the first time, might join them and their so-called network marketing business is nothing more than a weekly gathering of a group of very confused people!

Network marketing is a very lucrative, cost effective and successful and orderly business model. If you feel totally confused as to what you are supposed to do or have no clue why you are losing money rather than making money, recognize the fact that you have bought into confusion. Someone has sown confusion and you are now reaping confusion.

My advice is always to once you established that the company and products is the foundation of your network marketing business; ask for your ‘job description’. Be very sure that you understand what your day-to-day activities will consist of and how these activities will advance over time – in other words what is the ‘promotion’ possibilities. Most important though determine your own strengths and weaknesses and what training programs are available to assist in your development ensuring your success.

Confusion in a network marketing business is the direct cause for the high failure rate. Are you sowing confusion? Then stop! People are looking for proven, workable and successful solutions – offer that!

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Network Marketing Businesses do have structure and order – and the reason why so many become hugely successful!