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The Attitude of Practice makes Perfect!

Practice, to me is an attitude! You need to decide to practice and keep at it until you conquer and master the skill!

I was fortunate to experience firsthand, how persistence can ultimately result in achieving the successes you aim for.

My brother has been a race walker for over 40 years. Not a day goes by that he does not practice the skill and technique. In a recent visit I observed how early in the morning he is out practicing, walking many kilometers daily. He became a race walking coach, teaching many athletes how to master the skill by showing the technique and encouraging them to try harder every day. By now he has made quite a name for himself and produced two Olympic athletes for South Africa.  It is absolutely amazing to see his dedication to the sport.

My sister has been a school teacher all her life and will retire soon.  She specialized in learned disable children and changed many people’s lives. That it was not easy she will be the first to admit but keeping at it for such a long time, made her a specialist in her field.

Yesterday while responding to messages on social media a connection of mine declared that the marketing system I use and promote did not yield results for him after a couple of months.

I sat back totally amused!

It is the disease of our time!

Instant results!

Online marketing, social media marketing is a skill and you need to master it before you will yield the desired results. You need to practice every day. If your methods do not work and you feel frustrated then look for training, learn new skills and get right back to practicing.

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Fact is online marketing and its various components do work. Many internet marketers will report their successes but these marketers, like my brother and sister, practice the skill every day and keep at it until they conquer and become masters.

Everything is doable if you decide to practice until perfection! Take courage and keep at it daily – the victory is just around the corner!

Or have you given up?