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The Value of the LinkedIn Feed you should know!

Your LinkedIn feed is also referred to by some LinkedIn users as the ‘Home’ page of LinkedIn. But did you know that it plays a vital role in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

What is important though is that every update in the LinkedIn feed is an opportunity to understand what the people and businesses you follow are doing, their focus, projects and business direction.
You need to visit and work through your feed daily as it will provide valuable information for supporting your business and more importantly your marketing strategy.

  • You will gain:
    Insights about new products or services your competitors are launching
  • Access to research published by your industry professional body
  • Details about news or events of interest

Information that could provide you with methods or ideas to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Pete Davies, Senior Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, confirmed the framework that LinkedIn uses to prioritize posts in the feed, which is, “People you know, talking about the things you care about.”

What is important to remember is that the LinkedIn algorithm looks for signals including content from the people you interact with most, plus other interests you’ve shown such as groups you’ve joined and hashtags you follow.

The algorithm is responding to the information you provide. So be careful to become a typical social media scroller, even your normal activities must be focused on relevant keywords and hashtag supporting your marketing strategy.

The believe that LinkedIn doesn’t prioritize any particular type of LinkedIn content is simply not true.

It is important to interact or engage with posts in your feed, not for the sake like some believe to create impressive vanity metrics. But rather to grab the attention of the author of the post as they will be notified of your engagement

A habit of being active daily in the LinkedIn Feed will also help you stay visible to your own network! Remember they also see your interactions in their own feed.

The LinkedIn feed interactions include:

  • React: Hover over the Like option to see icons like Celebrate, Love, Support, Insightful, and Curious.
  • Comment: Commenting is useful but only if it adds value to the author and done for purposes of creating a conversation. A simple congratulations or a short answer to a question they’ve included in the post or even just a question to gain more information will add value to you and the author. You will be appreciated for the input and become memorable
  • Share: Share post, as is to your own network. It will be best if you include a comment to state the reason for sharing the posts and value it will offer your network.
  • Send: Share the post privately via a message to your connections but be careful not to be seen as a spammer.

You do have the option on the desktop version of LinkedIn to sort your updates by Top and Recent. Now even though the default is Top, selecting Recent is recommended to see the updates in chronological order.

You can manage the posts in your LinkedIn feed by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner of a post.

The most useful option is Hide This Post for a post that receives lots of comments and continually appears in your feed but you’ve seen it enough.

For post not relevant choose Unfollowing. Just remember if you unfollow someone’s posts the action will result in you not seeing their posts but at the same time, they will no longer see your post. You will still be able to message them and just remember if you choose this option they will not be notified.

The point is that you should control your feed. Teach the LinkedIn algorithm the content you find most interesting and that supports your strategy of targeting specific keywords and hashtags.

So don’t waste time and unfollow!

What you need to do is:

  • Qualify the person as relevant to your LinkedIn strategy?
  • Ask yourself if the content relevant to you?
  • Decide if engagement and interaction with the person will be mutually beneficial?

Determine if the content and a possible relationship will have any value to you?

If the answer is no, just click the three dots and unfollow them.

Now go and visit your LinkedIn Feed daily with a more targeted focus.